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Vector Displays Kit 1

Reference number: VECTORKIT1

Vector Displays Kit 1
Vector Displays Kit 1Vector Displays Kit 1 - MeasurementsVector Displays Kit 1 - In Usage

225.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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Vector Display Kit 1
1. Displays 1x Visible Frabric or Graphic Panel of (Overall) = W1000mm x H2070mm
2. Display is Double-Sided, hence 2x panels
3. Available in a choice of frames to suit either 'Fabric or Foamed PVC Graphics'
4. Lightweight, Easy to Use, Easy to Assemble, Easy to transport between Events
5. Extendable for adding additional components as and when as required


Option 1 - Vector Display Kit 1 (*Fabric Option) = £225

Option 2 - Vector Display Kit 1 (**Graphic Option) = £225


*Fabric Option + **Graphic Option:
1. Fabric and Graphic panels (not supplied) however; please call 01244 371443
2. Transit time - Normally within 48hrs

Assembly Instructions =
Video Guidance = video

Hardware Only: = Create your purchase

Hardware + Fabrics: = Select fabric colour requirement + Create your purchase

Hardware + Graphics:
1. Create your purchase
2. Send your finished graphic design(s) to
3. Mention in your email "Your unique purchase number" (this is on your emailed receipt)
5. Follow the graphic Measurements as shown on main description PDF File
6. Design Format required = PDF, EPS, TIFF, PICT, JPEG.

7. The Print:
7a. We print your graphic print onto a Hi Res printed Graphic Panel (Lightstop Polyester) + Scratch Resistant Laminate
7b. We then apply mag tape to the rear of your graphic(s)
7c. We also apply steel tape to the actual hardware frame
7d. The mag tape and steel tape also allows quick application + allows the whole assembly to be flat packed when not in use
7e. Option 5 order - steel tape applied to frame on front only
7f. Option 6 order - steel tape applied to both front and rear of the frame

8. Graphic artwork assistance:
We can also help you with these for an additional charge, If required please call 0845 1080047

9. Colours and fonts:
9a. We aim to match your colours and fonts as "best as possible"
9b. However we cannot guarantee 100% match
9c. Please be prepared to accept the closet matching colour and font if not specified within your email

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